I have a Pre2 with webOS 2.1 installed.
The GPS chip is wierd somehow.
I use application called SmartRunner, after some time of tracking, the app simply loose the position - despite it's on my bike with direct visibility to everything. The only thing that helps is to reboot the phone.
I thought it's the app, not the phone.
So I made a simple script, that runs every minute and logs the position, accuracy, speed and velocity including the timestamp. All is stored within a file and copied to my server every 15 minutes.
I left the phone in the car with the charger on, so it is running permanently.
What I found out is, that after some random time (usualy an hour-two), the GPS chip starts to return complete mess - e.g. from location like 48.xxx, 17.xxx it went to 50.xxx, -0.xxx and so on, with speed reporting aprox 375 km/h.
I put my old android phone right next to the palm with the GPS logger on - no problem on both the signal or the position.
Anybody else experienced the same behaviour?

I'd just like to point out, that the location by network is disabled, the application GPS info is running all the time to disable the screen timeout and display the position on the screen.