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    does anyone know/have a NAS that he can accessed and streamed from his pre?

    i want to buy a NAS, most have remote access solutions for iphone & andriod however is haven't found any for webos.
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    Unless there's a web interface, probably not. If you're looking to connect to it via CIFS or NFS, then a PDK plugin for an app is likely needed. If there is a web interface, there may also be an API that could be leveraged.
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    Pogoplug Software: Stream your photos, music and movies to the Web, your iPhone, iPad or Android

    perhaps ask this guy if they have plans to develop for webOS?
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    Yes NAS are not very user mobile friendly. I have a ZyXel NSA221 and they provide a web interface, iTunes Server (native support), and full FTP and SMB access, but none of this is webOS friendly. I guess I could enable the FTP Server on my NAS and then browse into the folders to download specific items, but this is not streaming and very cumbersome.

    Would love to see someone make a app that is UPNP and DLNA compatible. I've heard many people mention that DLNA is a certification that is required by the hardware manufacturers and not supported on devices without DLNA certification???? Not sure really, but DLNA receivers are available on Android and most if not all of those phones don't have DLNA certifications.

    I guess it is possible, but I just don't know! Sorli...

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