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    Hi all,

    I currently have a Pre- on Sprint that just about reach its end of life. It's patched up but still stuttery slow and battery life has gone to nil.

    However, I still love webOS. I also will be switching to Verizon. Because of the planned July 7 data changes, I plan on switching before then. At first I was holding out for a Pre 3, but it looks like end of July at best, and maybe even in the fall. I can't wait that long.

    So I started thinking about getting a Pre 2 to tide me over at least a year. I wanted to gather thoughts on how much everyone loves or hates that Pre 2, on verizon if possible.

    Specifically, does it provide the pure webOS experience we all dreamed about, without hardware limitations? I know it doesn't have a fancy front facing camera or 5 inch screen, but does it provide a fluid experience without being bogged down by slowdowns and/or poor battery life? Network quality on Verizon?

    The Pre- needed help with patches to keep it barely alive, what about the Pre 2? I love homebrew, but is the Pre 2 strong enough to stand on it's own, without help from patches? If I get one, I'll patch anyways, but I feel like this is a good indicator of the phone's robustness compared to the Pre-.

    Thanks everyone!

    Edit: I'd also like a gateway to webOS 3, has there been any news that it will come to the Pre 2?
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    I decided to go with the Pre 2 because I knew I was going to get a touchpad, and prefer to carry a smaller size phone.
    the Pre 2 is more sturdily built, and has noticeably better battery life, though it could still be better.
    Verizon network is much better. There have been a few times its had to catch up to scrolling, but better than the Pre.
    Never used homebrew, can't help you there. I ditched a Galaxy S phone for the Pre 2, and don't regret it. Can't say the Pre 2 is better, but its been good for me.
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    I got a VZ Pre 2 when it first came out to lock in the unlimited data plan for at least two years. It's a great phone and just the right size! Performance is fine, no lag, no negative impact on the webOS experience. I'm not really interested in the Pre 3 as the extra 1/2" of screen size will not significantly make web browsing or videos not much better. The reported better keyboard of the Pre 3 is of interest but the Pre 2 keyboard is satisfactory for now and much better than the Pre. Hope that helps ...
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    Thanks both! What is your experience using Google Maps (or other navigation)? From Veer reviews, it seems part of the problem from Pre- might have been slow network performance.
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    I've got a GSM unlocked Pre 2, though I was on VZW before and the network does pretty well, if you're willing to pay that much for it. I find the Pre 2 performance to be rather satisfying, even compared to my iPhone 3GS, HD7 WP and way better than my old Droid 2. Basically, the way the system works in concert with tweaks/patches/homebrew, compared to the competition, it is by far the most flexible and robust OS I've used. My only problem is lack of app development and lack of hardware options, though I'm sure you've reconciled that with yourself by now lol. WebOS is definitely the ideal phone OS for me, but the platform could still use some help, and it shows in the catalogue :-/
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    I've had my VZ Pre2 for a little over a month now and I'm estatic with it. Main reason I opted for it was that I already own an iPad2 and I have to carry an iPhone4 for work, so the Pre3 (as nice as it will be) will be too big for me to lug around with these other devices. Here's a quick list of things I like about it :

    - Speed. It's much faster at the stock 1ghz than my Pre- was overclocked to 1ghz. It's extremely fast. I do get the occasional stutter pulling down the system menu, mostly when the data connection is being used heavily. Probably not much that can be done about that.

    - Build quality. Much improved over the Pre-/Pre+. The slider is much more solid, and the glass screen with soft-touch bezel definitely makes the phone feel more robust in the hand, IMO. No more flimsy USB door, just plug the cable in if you ever need to. Slider mechanism feels very similar to the older phones, yet somehow more sturdy.. cant really explain until you have one in your hand. Not quite as solid feeling as the Veer, but damn close.

    - Size. After playing with the Veer and owning an Epic 4g for 6 months, I think the size of the Pre2 is ideal. Not too big, not too small. It's easy to operate the phone with one hand, no funky stretching of the fingers trying to reach parts of the screen. Fits in the pocket (I use the slip cover that came with my Pre-) and I hardly notice it's there.

    - Battery life. Much improved. For me, it's a night and day difference between the Pre- and the Pre2. With my typical moderate use I can easily get a full day out of it and still have power left to spare (6am off-charger, 11pm back on). I do have 3 spare batteries, but I havent had to swap one yet.

    The only downside so far is the slowness of the updates. VZ is notorious for taking a long time.. sucks, but personally I can deal. I'm still running stock 2.0.1 and it works fine for me so I can wait for an official 2.1. According to the HP site we will get 3.0, probably will be a while, but at least it's on the radar screen
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    my Pre2 rox0rz! Only complaint I have is the few bugs in 2.0 that are fixed in 2.1
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    @#7: Ditto for the hardware. In my case, a "few" is defined as about 6. So from a software perspective, I'd gladly give up stacks and "just type" to return to the comparative stability and working pop3 email and google calendar of 1.4.5. It just so happens that the few bugs in 2.0.1 hit me right between the eyes.

    Hoping the VZW 2.1 update rumors are true.
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    I love my Pre2. I'm not sure what the Pre+/- experience is like but my Pre2 seems plenty fast. Battery life isn't great, but I bought a cheap touchstone for work and one for home so my phone is almost always close to a full charge.
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    Responses are great people! Thanks!

    I've also searched around and apparently webOS 3/Enyo will come to the Pre 2.

    I guess it just depends if VZW will actually greenlight the update.
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    I find myself to be very happy with the Pre2. So much so,that I am not concerned about sprint getting another webos phone for about another year.

    many of the patches needed for the pre- are not needed anymore because the functionality comes stock with 2.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by runtimmyc View Post
    many of the patches needed for the pre- are not needed anymore because the functionality comes stock with 2.1
    +1 on this. I ran my pre- overclocked and patched to the gills. I run my Pre2 completely stock. No overclock. No patches. And I stopped worrying about battery life, which was a constant struggle on the pre-. Love my pre2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mu7efcer View Post
    +1 on this. I ran my pre- overclocked and patched to the gills. I run my Pre2 completely stock. No overclock. No patches. And I stopped worrying about battery life, which was a constant struggle on the pre-. Love my pre2.
    Great to hear. Let's just hope 2.1 comes soon (maybe even before I get mine), and 2.2 and 3.0 later on!
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    I've had my VZW Pre2 a couple months now and love it to death. It is the greatest ever - fast fast fast, no stuttering, no freezing - apps pop right open. The Pre3 sounds great, but the Pre2 is doing everything I need and doing it very, very well.

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