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    Hi all,

    2 weeks ago I had issues doctoring my Pre 2 but i was able to resolve with some help from our fellow Pre users. However, when I upgraded my Pre 2 to 2.1.0 my phone's wifi won't work. I'm having difficulties connecting to my home network, no settings was changed on our wireless network. My wife is using a Palm Pre Plus and it automatically connects to our home networks same as other devices except for my Pre 2. I also tried connecting to a free wifi spot but no avail. My phone can detect the available wifi signal but cannot establish any connection. I already doctored my pre 4x and still can't connect to any wireless network this is very frustrating since I live in the Philippines and we don't have an available services center here. Is there a possibility that this is a hardware issue?
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    help from anyone is appreciated. Thanks in Advance..

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