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    I just acquired a Pre 2. It appears to me that the ringer volume setting controls the volume for both incoming calls and new text messages received. Is there a way (app, patch, etc) to adjust those independently? I'd like to have my text message notification much louder than my incoming phone calls.

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    Good question. Does anyone know?
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    Sorry for digging this after such a long time, but I'm currently trying to solve other problem related to ringer in my Pre 2 and I accidently readed your post, so I thougth that reply may be useful for someone else. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $is$ $no$ $patch$ $which$ $allows$ $to$ $do$ $that$, $but$ $you$ $can$ $simply$ $change$ $volume$ $level$ $on$ $the$ $computer$ $before$ $sending$ $ringtone$ $to$ $your$ $Pre$. $I$ $recommend$ $using$ $Audacity$. $I$'$ve$ $done$ $this$ $with$ $my$ $alert$ $and$ $message$ $ringtones$. $One$ $more$ $tip$ - $in$ $your$ $case$ $it$'$s$ $better$ $to$ $supress$ $incoming$ $calls$ $ringtone$ $than$ $boosting$ $message$'$s$ $ringtone$, $you$ $will$ $avoid$ $distortions$.

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