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    My sprint frankenpre2 is behaving as if I had the wifi sleep settings are set to "Turn Wi-Fi Off". Yet I've got it set to "Keep Wi-Fi On". Every single time I slide open my phone, the first thing that happens is my wifi turns on and tries to connect.

    This is distinctly different than how things behave on my sprint pre- or my sprint franken pre+ under 1.4.5. On those phones, my wifi would stay on and only occasionally have to reconnect when I slid open my phone.

    Does anyone else see this behavior? Any suggestions on how I can get it back to the normal behavior? I'd prefer to use wifi when I'm at home so as to save battery life, rather than my phone use evdo when sleeping.

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    Apparently, this is more than just me seeing this problem:
    GTalk/AIM disconnects during sleep on WiFi after a... - Support Community
    Twitter: dullgeek
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    I take it from the lack of response to this thread that either:
    1. This is a well known problem and no one has any suggestions, or
    2. I'm the only one experiencing this

    Really looking for tips on how to resolve this. Anyone?

    Twitter: dullgeek

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