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    I woke up this morning to two small scratches on my pre2's screen. They don't change the functionality at all but they aren't visually pleasing. I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove scratches from the gorilla glass on the pre2.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Apparently toothpaste and Vinegar!

    Removing Scratches From Glass |
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    My screen is in mint condition still haven't even dropped my Pre2.

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    what do you think how or what scratched it. do you put it in your pocket. i was debating on getting a screen protector.
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    Thank you for the quick replies, but fortunately it has turned out to be a false alarm. When i got home i had cleaned it as best i could before attempting the linked solution, while doing so the "scratches" disappeared. I guess they were just dried up dirt of some sort. But thank you none the less.

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