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    I have just had a chat with Palm tech support.

    What do you guys think about this? I am thinking of getting Pre 2, but now hesitate.

    Me: Hi, considering Pre2 in Hong Kong.
    Me: does it support chinese?
    Me: Does Pim management work like Palm Desktop where the data is password protected on a PC?
    Support: Are you looking to purchase the device or have you already purchased the device?
    Support: I will be glad to assist you.
    Me: looking to purchase
    Support: Palm Pre2 is a Web OS device and this do not support the Synchronization with the PC.
    Support: When you purchase the device you need to Signin to the Palm Profile.
    Me: Easy to transfer from Outlook 2007 to New Pre 2?
    Support: I will explain you step by step.
    Support: Okay.
    Me: Oh! so everything is backed up to Palm's server?
    Support: I will explain you.
    Me: Please explain
    Support: When you get the device, you need to signin to the Palm Profile and from then all the data that you entered on the device will be stored on the Palm Server.
    Support: But for the first time you can transfer the data from the Outlook application to the Pre2 using Data Transfer Assistant Tool.
    Support: This is a one time transfer.
    Support: You can not use this Data Transfer assistant Tool for a regular Sync.
    Me: one time transfer once i buy the phone and follow the instructions?
    Me: How does regular sync work?
    Support: Using this DTA you can also transfer the Data from the Palm Desktop application, but this is also a one time transfer.
    Support: There is not concept of regular Sync with the PC.
    Me: from Palm Desktop to where?
    Support: From the Palm Desktop to the Pre 2 using Data Transfer Assistant, but this is also a one time data transfer.
    Me: I used Palm before, but now on Windows Mobile/Outlook 2007
    Me: So how do i make a smooth transition?
    Support: If you have the data on the Oultook application or on the Palm Desktop application on the PC, using Data Transfer Assistant you can transfer it to the Pre. But this is a one time Data Transfer. From then the data you entered on the phone will be saved to the Palm Server.
    Me:..saved to the Palm Server.. .. by a sync action right? by signing on to palm?
    Support: YEs, exactly!
    Me: what if i lose my pre? Can I have access to PIM on the Palm server?
    Support: NO, you need to signin to the Palm Profile on a different Pre to get the data back.
    Me: What if Pre discontines or i lose it or I don't use Palm anymore. No more access to my data?
    Support: Yes, you are correct.
    Me: So i must buy another Palm product to gain access?
    Me: any way to back up data from Palm server where i can import it to other PIM software? like windows mobile? Google? Outlook?
    Support: I am sorry, the data from the Server can not be imported to any other accounts.
    Me: it sounds like a one way street
    Me: thanks for your help this time
    Support: Let me provide you with the Chat session ID number 96128998 as a reference for this case. Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Me: what do i need to access palm server? username, password?
    Me: how secure is it?
    Support: Yes, you are correct.
    Support: It is very secured and no worries.
    Me: chinese support?
    Support: I am sorry.
    Me: Thanks for your help.
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    Hi premunching,

    You can actually select Google or EAS as the PIM server so you have full access to your data. After running DTA, it would prompt you where to save the data, Google, EAS or Palm Profile. Or you can migrate your data from PC to google and once you have all the information online, you can setup your online account on the phone and in that way you can sync your information both ways.
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    Hello I'm from HK and have been using a Pre 2 for 2 weeks (bought from eBay UK). Now my Contacts and Calendar synchronizes with Gmail and Google Calendar, and using Evernote to organize my memos. I think it's better than using Palm Desktop or Outlook after get used with it, although it spends me almost 2 weeks for the transition.

    I've also installed a Chinese input method (not official, written by Chinese webOS enthusiastics). So inputting Chinese is not a big problem. Besides there are very few apps, compare to iOS or Android, I'm very happy for the change from Android to webOS, because of its easy to use and intuition. Hope Pre 3 or Touchpad could provide more Chinese supports.
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    Yeah, I would say don't bother with Palm Profiles. Google all the way for me.

    Although one thing, I do know the Pre doesn't play nice with some Chinese details in contacts, but the last time I used this was with 1.4.5 on my Pre. I haven't tried it with my Veer yet, though one of my contact does seem to show up properly.

    I haven't installed any IMEs, I just use this:
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    Thanks for the input guys.

    @Xappa: So will DTA take my PIM from Outlook and send to Palm Server/Google? And everytime i sync, the PIM will be updated both on Palm and Google?

    @tonyw:2 weeks? is this to manually edit errors in syncronization?

    So i have Editable Access to my PIM from all channels(Gmail, Palm, Pre 2) and they will all syncronise when I connect?

    So i don't have to backup from Palm Server for in case i lose the phone since i have all my PIMs in Gmail?

    Sounds like what Palm's support told me about PIM handling was not as encouraging!!
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    For the first few days I installed several patches but the system became unstable. Later I found there was a conflict between the Chinese IME and Advanced System Pref patch (need to install ASP Framework before the Chinese IME). After that I spent around a week on Google Calendar synchronization problem (only Google Calendar could update my Pre 2 but not vice versa). Finally I gave up since it's webOS 2.1 problem. Luckily I searched some forums including here and solved by changing the account from Google to MS Exchange. However, it also make me to spend around 2 days to investigate its database, as my contacts left in my Pre 2 "permanently" (MS Exchange a/c) even I deleted all contacts in Gmail. Of course I failed except doctor it. For the last few days, Photos & Music apps didn't show the correct data, or still displaying the contents while I'd been deleted for a few hours...

    In order to get rid of the above problems I doctored my Pre 2 for around 10 times... What a bad experience I got - but these problems should be happened on webOS 2.1 only. I think 1.4.5 is a much stable version. So you better consider Pre 2 only when you have much time to deal with it (especially you need to work with Chinese or other languages), or wait for the Pre 3 (hope webOS 2.2 or 2.3 is more stable). Anyway, after the 2-week nightmare I'm now quite satisfied with my Pre 2 and I found it's a lot better than my past Android phone.
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    Thanks tonyw,

    It looks like what they are offering at this point is too much work for me. I travel quite often and cannot afford the time now to be 'micro-organise' my information.

    I'll stay with my Win Mo/Outlook setting and wait for WebOs to be more stable.
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    Just sync everything with google, yahoo or hotmail. IDK where the complications are. If you have all your stuff on outlook, then get it online. Google search "outlook sync google" and do what it says. webOS supports the majority of online PIM databases. Pick one.

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