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    i had this problem, only way i fixed it was to doctor to 2.0 first. the 2.1 doctor would not get past 12% regardless of what computer or cable i used.
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    finally I able to make my Pre 2 boot up again
    just want to share my workaround to help others if needed in future:
    1) update the java again for few times and uninstall the old java run time file left in the system
    2) uninstall the novacom
    3) use 2.0.0 (can't use 2.0.1 or else the 2.0.1 will keep on booting loop) to doctor my phone (the 2.0.0 doctor will install the novacom again)
    4) use the OTA update to 2.1.0 (I can't use the the 2.1.0 doctor to do update but it still freeze at 12% even with my newly docotored 2.0.1)

    I have the feeling that the 2.1.0 doctor (downloaded from palm profile page) is not the correct version and I am not sure the whether the 12% problem is related the running of impostash before.

    thanks everyone for giving me advice in this thread!
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    Glad you got it to work and didn't give up.
    Thanks for posting your findings.
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