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    I need help, I just got an unlocked GSM Pre 2.
    Went to Franken Pre it by putting a Sprint comm board inside. I've done this 2-3 times before with Verizon Pre Pluses, so I'm comfortable with the process.

    The problem is, the black and white cables on the GSM Pre 2 are much longer than the ones in the Pre- (or the Pre+)! On the GSM Pre 2, they actually connected to the bottom of the comm board, as opposed to the top on the Sprint Pre-.

    I looked carefully at the instructions and there is no mention of this issue, and it doesn't seem reflected in any of the pictures or pictorials. I know several people have been able to put a Sprint comm board into a GSM Pre 2 so I don't know what I'm missing. There's no room to hide the excess cable lengths anywhere... so if you know what I am talking about please help!

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    You need to use the back half of the phone from the sprint pre. (back half of the phone=the part with the gold antenna pattern). Once you do this, you will be using the correct antenna pattern layout for CDMA and the correct cable lengths.
    Palm Pre 2 on Sprint
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    I'm going to try that right now! Thanks!

    EDIT: Worked like a charm, don't know how I missed that! Thanks again!

    PS. In the meantime, I had activated a 3rd Pre, so I had to move the Sprint comm board from the Pre2 to a Pre-, activate it, then move it back and then meta-doctor. I actually did all this while riding the Amtrak to NYC. So, if I can do it on a moving train with ease and in under an hour, anyone could do this!

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