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    So as you know, I ordered my Pre 2 off Amazon yesterday after complications. I ended up settling for 199.95 which is half the official Palm price. People said on here to get one from eBay but their whole PayPal thing just complicates it too much. It's unlocked and GSM for the UK.

    How much did all you other UK Pre 2 users pay?
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    I ordered mine for 159 GBP on Ebay, but have to pay another 20-25 on shipping to Germany.
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    I paid 144 pound for Pre 2 and 23 pound for Touchstone, brought them both from Ebay UK.
    Just like the OP, paypal for me was complicated but I went to the paypal site and learned how to transact through Paypal.
    I had the option of buying from Amazon UK but it was expensive so I thought it is better to buy from ebay then Amazon.

    Btw OP welcome back to the WebOS community.
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    I bought from eBay UK for 145 plus 20 shipping to HK.
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    Got mine for 130pound and no shipping fee haha I love a bargain n the phone is top

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    Hi I got mine off ebay too 168 plus shipping, hopefully with these lower prices now out more people will pick up a UK Pre 2 thus get more UK developers on board cos we need them badly!!!
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    133 brand new and unlocked from Ebuyer

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