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    I'm going away for the weekend and want my phone to interrupt as little as possible (going camping) and don't need the email notifications for the weekend. I have managed to switch off the facebook notifications but there doesn't seem to be something similar for emails? All I have is 'all inboxes' and 'all flagged' that I can switch off. Not sure what that means. Does that mean I don't get emails in my Palm at all? Don't mind them coming in just don't want the notifications, they're not that urgent after all, they never used to be before I had a smart phone and they are not now.
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    In preferences, tap on the individual accounts (e.g. Gmail) and change "Show icon" to off to hide the notifications.

    You can also change the sync frequency to "manual" or "24h" to save power; you can still check for emails manually by going into the folder and hitting the sync button.

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