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    I went to the Verizon Wireless store in order to contemplate moving over there in advance of their 7/7 data tiering (I'm a Sprint customer right now).

    I played with the Pre2, and I found it has the same shortcomings that made me return my launch day Pre back in June 2009. Namely, the tasks app still sucks completely because it's not fast and it doesn't support arbitrary recurrence like it did on Palm's very own Treo 700 series. Also, the calendar app doesn't seem to work well/quickly either. I had to go to the menu to add an event! I could click on an empty time slot but nothing comes up. Am I missing something?

    Sorry to be all rage-induced it's just that I really like the OS but I heavily use the 755p now and appreciate its lightning-fast category swaps, due dates, and modifications in the calendar and tasks. It's freaking awesome for what I do. To find that they basically haven't done anything for webOS 2 and that's what the Pre 3 is coming with also has basically made me want to give up.

    I did find the DigiTasks app that looks good but I'm not sure how good the design is because I can't download a for-pay app in the Verizon store. I want minimal clicks to modify the simple things and optional recurrence for dated tasks that can execute after completion OR on a fixed scale, just like the stock Treo 700 software (FrankenGarnet).
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    Sorry you feel that way and that you've had a bad experience with that store and that particular Palm Pre 2. When I first tried the Palm Pre 2, I was like, "Wow, this thing is fast!" After time though it seems to have slowed down. I believe that when you have hundreds of people handling it, well, it'll get possibly slower, or will have other problems. I don't think you will really get to know what the Pre 2 can do from just that machine. I believe that HP will get finally get it right and that you will start seeing Webos will get to where you will really like it. I believe that the Palm Pre 2 is a really good step in that direction.
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    Sadly, I don't think any OS (I've used webOS, iOS, Android--don't know about Blackberry or Windows Phone) have as robust yet simple Calendar or Task apps as PalmOS had. I've given up hoping for it (and yes, I was immensely disappointed that webOS was a huge step back in this regards) and just work with what webOS has to offer as far as the calendar goes. However, I did buy Done! for my task management and it is nearly as good as the PalmOS Tasks aps with a pleasant interface. If you go with Pre2 you might look at that.
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    FYI is u have cal synced with google u can just text the entry and its done~!
    ei: dinner friday night @ 8pm at perter lugers
    and ure entry just shows up. its great. of course u can do that to ne phone but since webos syncs it works out really well...
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    Thanks klynn for the Done! recommendation. It does look good and perhaps I can use that. Here's to hoping the Pre3 is out soon so that I can upgrade and be happy (and current!) on my phone.
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    I use the tasks app and like it quite well, compared to anything that is available on Android or iOS. It is basic, easy and quick. I have a GSM unlocked Pre 2. I am not old enough to really know much about Palm OS, but having recently watched tons of demo vids on youtube, I can see what I missed. Though, I'd venture to say that there has to be some kind of solution available. Why not just use calendar items for recurring tasks? You can set these up in your browser on your laptop/desktop. I like gmail and all of its services :-)

    As far as creating a new calendar event in the calendar app, on my 2.1 Pre 2, all I have to do is tap an empty time slot and start typing the event. There is a small "i" to the right that, if tapped, will allow you to adjust the details of the event. Hope this helps ;-)
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    I also had the same concerns when I was switching from my 755p. I was very disappointed with the PIM management and how apparently slow the phone was (before homebrew). I was a very reluctant convert and waited quite a while before getting the Pre Plus. What you have to remember is that you aren't going to use webOS the same way you use Garnet. While Garnet has some really fantastic highpoints (super fast, excellent PIM management), it also does not multitask--and multitasking is the key to using webOS.

    It took me over a year to get it through my head that it is OK to leave cards open all day long, and that that's what the cards are for. Now I keep my calendar and other most used apps open all day, and that makes appointment entries, etc, super fast. Plus I can do all that while loading a YouTube video.

    For tasks I use ToDo Classic. It's the closest app I've found to the Palm tasks. The others are a bit too clunky and cluttered for me.

    I use the stock Tasks app as my shopping list. It's fantastic. I use a new category for each type of store (grocery, hadware, craft, etc) so when I'm at that store I know at a glance what I need. What is really cool is I can set a due date on an item. For example, I have a due date set on birthday cards a week before the person's birthday. When it's time for me to buy and mail it, it pops up in the notification area. It's very cool!

    But besides all that, you also have to consider the connectivity. Internet 24/7, including wi-fi. (No Verizon Garnet device was afforded that luxury.)

    So I said all that to say that the benefits of webOS, I think, outweigh the cons. You just have to rethink your mobile habits. I would also suggest you listen to PreNotes to really get to know what the phone can do and how to do the little things that make the phone truly smoke:

    preNotes | | webOSroundupwebOSroundup

    Hope that helps!
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