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    You have to redownload the scripts if you already had them earlier, like I did
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHT View Post
    I just realized that I don't have Skype on my meta-2.1 VZW Pre2. I built the metadoctor using meta-verizon-pre2-2.1.0 on Friday, August 12th.

    EDIT: Never mind. I thought it was supposed to be an app. The Synergy account capability is there. (There's not supposed to be an app, is there?)
    No, there isn't supposed to be an app. Skype is just integrated into Synergy and into the phone app. Your suspicion was right.
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    why cant they give skype out seperatly it would be more user friendly in my mind
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewcam888 View Post
    why cant they give skype out seperatly it would be more user friendly in my mind
    That is the question asked by many people whose devices do not have Skype support. Verizon and Skype cut some kind of deal a while back. I think the integration in the Pre 2 is actually quite nice. It could definitely have been made more discoverable, but once you know it's there, it works nicely.
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    WebOS 2.1 is totally out for Verizon. Checked it about 15 minutes ago, like I do every morning. And Huzzah!

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    Downloading the doctor right now from my webos account manager!
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    I live in southern New Hampshire and the VZW update is ready for download this morning. In the process of applying the update to the Pre 2
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    Finally got the 2.1 update over Verizon Wireless here in Washington State. Hurrah! (:
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    "Download Failed"...
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    Boise, ID is now officially part of the 2.1 wave, as well. (it's the little things that keeps us going!)
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    No surprise that HP would replace the start up Palm logo with theirs (even though devices that are running 2.1 still have the Palm logo on the back of the phones). There's an update to the catalog (I know the logo for that is going to switch to HP as well) can anyone give me any insight on how the updated catalog (v2.0.22300) differs from the one I currently have?

    Edit: Nevermind, I forgot about this article a few months back.
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    Downloading as I type. Better late than never!

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    Wash DC Metro Area - 2.1 is a go!
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