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    I met a cool verizon rep.. he is also a user here (d.moss) he set me up with preware.. i know theres a plethora of stuff to learn.. could u guys give me some cool tips and tricks? thanks!
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    Sorry, computer issues. I think I am back now. The link I provided is the tips and tricks folder. Pretty good for someone new to webOS. Preware is nice as it will grant access to the world of modifying your phone.

    Which direction are you wanting to go with your phone? Do you want to start devlopement, or are you simply wanting to personalize your phone?
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    First off, welcome to the community. You will find a very friendly and helpful bunch of subscribers here.

    I would suggest looking through the forums and taking a look around by topic. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. This forum is very active and always here to help.

    Also if you have preware, please feel free to donate to the Homebrew community as they are always working hard to enhance webOS and continue to make these devices work to their fullest capabilities.

    Suggestions: There are topics in the forums under tips and tricks, as listed above. Thanks for joing and have fun!
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    If you want personalized help, PM me and I can give you 1 on 1 help as well.
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    thats me! you can go here Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals for info on how to overclock your device... aaaaaaaand us webOS people love twitter.. sooooo sign up and get a twitter app.. i prefer carbon, but phnx is awesome as well.. search the forums for any other questions you have.. or just post them in this thread.. because you'll get fussed at for creating a new thread about a topic that has already been discussed/posted.. peace out!
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    just saw that verizon is pushing the 2.1 update ( webOS 2.1 update finally lands for Verizon Pre 2 | The #1 HP / Palm webOS Community | )... make sure uninstall any theme before you update.. you can leave the patches installed though
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    chibusa - welcome! You've found a pretty awesome community. There's been a lot of tension while we wait for the next devices, but you'll find webOS faithful are some of the strongest fans of any OS. And with good reason - it's the best mobile OS out there, and HP is continuing Palm's tradition of encouraging developers and keeping the system open so you can do whatever you like to your gadget!

    Ah - so nice to see the clouds parting - release TouchPad is a screamer, new folks are joining the forums due to the Veer. Our long national nightmare may finally be over.. =)
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    Pre's are great phones with one big ding:

    If you use a headset,it can become "Stuck in the Headset Mode."
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    Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and start reading. you've picked the best place. Oh yeah, welcome aboard.


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