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    I've got a Pre on att with unlimited data and mobile hotspot. Att does not recognize the Pre2 as a smartphone so its $15/mo unlimited

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    PS: My only ***** now (other than a few minor glitches) is battery life. First I switched batteries with my older Pre+ and that helped. 2nd I got ModeSwitcher (a must have app+patches) and have optimized battery usage (wifi at home, not gps/data when I don't need it, etc...). It is much better.

    But, I used to be able to make it through the night with a charge (on airplane mode) and use the Pre+ for an alarm clock. No such luck with the Pre 2. No biggie, I can just plug it in but it's bothersome...
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    I recently changed from Pre+ to Pre2 (exchange for almost next to nothing) & thought no point upgrading to Pre3 in a month time. However, I also bought a Veer for Mrs yesterday. Then, I was convinced that HP produces far better hardware than Palm had ever done.

    From the look of it, bigger screen, fast processor & better hardware will push me upgrading if
    1. Price @ 350 in the UK
    2. Battery life improves.

    Otherwise, I wont switch until webOS 3 upgrades.
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