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    I recently converted to a Sprint Pre 2. I used a Verizon Pre 2. I used the script for the Verizon Franken Pre 2. I noticed when selecting the language it gave me several options when I chose english. Under my accounts I show SIM as an account with my number. Is this indicative of a world phone? I also have an app installing itself called SIM Toolkit. There was also a yelp app by at&t installing itself. Is this just the way the meta-doctor is set up? Anyone else showing this? Is this normal and nothing to be concerned about? I am asking because I am having space issues. I went from a plus to pre 2. My profile tried to restore every app I had ever downloaded through the app store. I meta-doctored several times in the past few days. Each time I still received the "approaching database limit" message. Each time I deleted more apps. I now have far less apps on my phone than I did with the plus and I am still getting the "approaching database limit" message. The point from the first notification to forced reset happens so quickly I can not verify which database is full. It has happened while downloading apps and while opening apps. I am using SDL Terminal to check database partitions as described in this thread at posts #4 and 8:
    Where I had 5GB free on my plus I now have 6.5GB free on the Pre 2. I did not use the commands on my plus so I do not have a reference for that. The /dev/mapper/store-root database is the only thing I can see being close to full at this point. It went from 89% before the last meta-doctor to 91% and I uninstalled more apps. cryptofs is at 56%. I have not gotten the message thus far. I am about 10 hours from my last meta-doctor. I still have a couple Preware apps to install. Why should the /dev/mapper/... partition go up in size and I have less installed apps? It went from 89% used to 91%. Cryptofs went from 61% to 56%. Anyone know what is stored in the /dev/mapper/... database? When the message appeared yesterday I did try and use SDL Terminal but all databases showed the same name. I can not remember the exact name but it had jail broken in it and all sizes and percents were 0. I was able to delay the restart but there was no useful info I could gather. I created the Franken Pre 2 on Tuesday and have meta-doctored everyday since (twice on Tuesday)

    Is there a way to permanently change the size of the various partitions like the script to change the compcache size?
    Is there a new version of mv app or fair dinkum that I can use so that I can use the space on my phone as I please?
    Could one of my databases be corrupted? If so why is it not being repaired when I meta-doctor?

    I welcome any suggestions.
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