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    Every once in a while my Voice Dial opens up as I'm putting the pre2 in it's case.

    Also the icon keeps going back to the bottom of the apps launcher from another page I try to move it to.

    Is there a way to disable this app and/or stop the above happenings?
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    this is a wiki on how to dissable it in a few diff ways and also a patch to hide the icon if you just want to do that. im not sure about the link but it is a webosinternals page.
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    I recently got the 2.1 OS upgrade from verizon. But I can't get voice dial to work. When I touch the Icon it stays lit but only occasionally will bring up voice dial which does not recognize any voice commands. is there a way to re-install or fix this? I also am now occasionally getting no sound from the front speaker when receiving phone calls.

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