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    So far I have done enough search but couldn't find a way to get my music into my Pre2, in any way, with wires or without wires. Even tried using the Bluetooth but my MAC says that the device doesn't have this functionality. Someone suggested me "Missing Sync", but that's very expensive for MAC.
    Tried to open website and download songs directly into the phone. But all in vain.

    Heard from somewhere about "Wi-Fi Sync", but that's only for PC, not for MAC.

    So, any SUGGESTIONS? Please.

    I never had this problem with my htc desire and this freeness was one of the main reasons to buy an Android device over iOS because you can do anything in Android, Instead Apple (iOS) doesn't let you do that. you have to go through all the crap process of connecting to iTunes etc, but in Android, you do whatever and however you want, like, I downloaded songs in three ways:

    1- Through an app "music search"; simply search a song and download it.
    2- Through "Shazam"; too tired to type some words, no problem, make your phone listen to that and search it for you. Isn't it cool?
    3- Open the website and download the song, you require.

    May be, I'm missing something in WebOS, but then tell me please a way to get it done. Because this is such a BASIC thing.

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    USB cable to PC. That is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bnceo View Post
    USB cable to PC. That is all.
    But there isn't a default folder for music. Should I create one or just put music in any and it will automatically place that in music app when opened?
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    just make up a name... the phone should be able to tell its music files, when u go to the music selection u should see it. or u may have to hit the plus sign. i foget exactly but its pretty simple
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    Quote Originally Posted by fahadchaudhry View Post
    But there isn't a default folder for music. Should I create one or just put music in any and it will automatically place that in music app when opened?
    I just created a folder called Music. Works just fine.

    I think the Music app scans the entire drive, skipping over the ringtones folder.
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    Yep, just create a folder called Music (just so you know what it is, though you could call it anything) with the Pre attached in USB mode. You can even drag a playlist straight out of iTunes and it'll copy all the album art etc. (as long as it isn't DRM material).
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    Take it a step further: Get MediaMonkey. When you put your phone in USB mode, it'll sync your music and podcasts a la iTunes, but I find it much more flexible and powerful. Just get it. You'll be glad you did.

    Pay the reg fee for more ripping/transcoding options. You can specify that whenever you sync music to your phone, it'll reduce large (say, 320kbs) files down to something that sounds ok on a phone, but saves space (say, a 160 or 192). Set it, and forget it.
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    I agree with the last poster: MediaMonkey is the way to go.

    Good Luck!

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    The free version of Salling Media Sync also helps to copy that fiddly iTunes album art.
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    windows media player on windows 7 is as simple as pie 2 sync up and rip music i would say your best bet is mediamonkey or just copy all music to music folder on your device's hardrive

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