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    I just got a Pre2 and haven't powered it on yet or activated it with Verizon.

    Is there anything I should do (with an eye towards hacking) before turning it on and/or activating?

    I want to be able to tether via WiFi or worst-case USB and maybe run google voice or something similiar to sipdroid.

    I had a Droid X before this and wondering if the Pre platform is as "open" so to speak as android.
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    Nothing you need to do, just get the thing activated and working =)

    After you've got it all ready, turn on developer mode by typing in the old-school konami code (upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart) and hitting the toggle button.

    Then download WebOS Quick Install (search for it) and install Preware.

    Go nuts.

    You can download freetether in Preware. I'm sure you know what that does. =)

    (WebOS is more "open" than any platform tries to be...)
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    Thanks fx! Here I go...

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