Just received my Pre 2 and I am having a little problem in adding contacts. Actually I didn't have contacts in my sim, instead in my Gmail profile (a/c), so I've tried to link that Gmail with Pre2 contacts and I don't understand what it has done, for e.g. a contact name A had a full number and rest of the details in my Gmail (htc desire) and in Pre 2 it's not showing the number, instead just "Notes" and in that notes the message reads "<HTCData>< etc. but some of the contacts are showing numbers and some are just with notes. So, please help me here.

Secondly, the left side of the phone is a little wobbly when it's closed. Is it supposed to be like this? Or, I'm afraid that while opening the back cover - I was a having a difficulty to open that - I pressed it hard and it happened.