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    I have been searching online for over two hours and am not having any luck. I am wanting to use my pre 2 as a usb modem to tether to a computer running windows xp. I was hoping for an app similar to pdanet for android if available.

    So far I have installed freetether on my phone but cannot seem to figure out an easy way to get the needed software onto my computer to run the app. I have tried to follow along with the wiki page with no luck.

    Any help will be great.
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    Did you try mobile hotspot? All you need is a PC/Laptop with WLAN
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    You should stop by the webOS Internals subforum under the webOS Developer forums here at Precentral. A stickied thread for freeTether is there, and you will get better assistance there.

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    try Mobile hotspot. installed it via ipkfetcher.

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