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    Hello all. I have a brand new Palm Pre 2 running on Sprint. I love it! My fiance also has one as I made one for her as well. Her's works flawlessly. Mine, on the other hand, has a scrolling problem. Here are some details.

    1. On the launcher page (with grid of icons) if you hold your finger for a split second and move it up and down the icons all move up and down. This is how it is supposed to work. However, after two or three up and downs the screen "forgets" my finger is on it and the icons stay in one place despite my finger still moving up and down. Note, this scrolling error does not happen on my fiance's Pre2.

    2. When on a web page if I scroll up or down and keep my finger on the screen but stop scrolling it causes the pre to think I have done some sorta pinch to zoom because it zooms in a tad bit from what I was reading. As you can imagine, this is very annoying.

    3. When using the Forums app the same scrolling problem exists. As I place my finger on the screen and scroll up or down after a split second (without releasing my finger) the screen thinks I have done a tap and Opens into the topic (even though I do not want to go into that topic).

    This appears to be a software issue, but I cannot be sure. I have looked and do not see any sensitivity settings.

    Are there any solutions to this? Have any of you experienced this?


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    Its not normal. So go ahead and try to reset your phone and escalate from there. A doctor might be required.

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    also use some window cleaner to clean the glass... and wash your hands. Sometimes grease or moisture on Gorilla Glass will make it behave funny. That happens on the iPhone, as well.
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    Something like this happens to me on my Pre 2 every now and then. What I do is just turn the screen off and turn it back on. It solves the problem every time and is quick and easy.
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    I will give these ideas a try and report back. Thanks

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