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    In my title bar next to the wireless and signal strength icons i have an icon of a phone with a little arrow pointing right....

    i assumed it meant a missed call or something similar but i have no missed calls, no outgoing calls in progress.

    Does anyone know what it might mean ?
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    Call forwarding? I know some voicemail systems do that.
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    Here is a discussion on this. I believe that this indicates call forwarding or forward after several rings...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Call forwarding? I know some voicemail systems do that.
    HOLE IN ONE !!

    1. thanks for such quick reply

    2. call forwarding was off, so i turned it on then off again and the icon is gone

    i was worried something was wrong with my phone or sim (i only go tthe phone couple of days ago!) haha

    thanks ToniCipriani

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