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    are there plans for an update to 2.1.2? Is there anyway to get the phone updated? Why is Verizon not releasing?
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    Don't really know anymore. Verizon is really conservative with updates. It took forever for them to release 1.4.5 for the Pre Plus. I hope that they release an update soon because this sucks being a version behind. You can Meta-Doctor if you want to go to 2.1
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    There is a script in meta-doctor to put 2.1 on Verizon Pre 2. Works good:
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    I got an unsolicited response from @VZWSupport on Twitter a couple days back after I tweeted about the 2.1 update to @HP @Palm and @Adora (I didn't mention @VZWSupport) saying that they don't have an official release date for the update. I took it as at least a good sign that they didn't deny any knowledge of the update, just that there's no date.

    I did tell them that we are losing access to apps when they get updated as well as not being able to purchase the new hybrid apps that are being released. They did seem concerned about that, at least.

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