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    how do I uninstall this app? Per the Free Tether info, it says I should uninstall all aother tether software, including Mobile Hotspot. Any suggestions???

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    wherebdid you get free tether? If it didn't come from preware, don't use it.

    no reason to uninstall MHS. I use freetether (from preware) and mhs on the same device.
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    got it from preware. ok, i won't worry about removing the other app.

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    From the wiki...

    It is highly recommended to remove all previous versions of freeTether and freeTetherD, as well as, Mobile Hotspot. Other tethering solutions may conflict with freeTether as well.
    It's just a recommendation.

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    I just returned to the Pre from the Evo (Got stolen ). I installed FreeTether from Preware but my laptop would not connect to the wifi tether no matter what I do. Windows 7 32 bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by oakridge outdoors View Post
    From the wiki...

    It's just a recommendation.
    I think that's misleading in that many Sprint users had put the MHS app from Verizon on their Sprint Pre minus in the early days. If you are a Sprint user, that applies to you. If you are a Verizon user that had MHS as part of the stock app list, you are better off to leave it alone.

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