I'm new to this forum as I've just purchased an HP Palm Pre 2. I'm having problems trying to get it working with the bluetooth car kit fitted in my UK spec 2009 BMW 320i. The kit is the manufacture's system that works on their professional headunit, i.e. not the iDrive and colour screen setup.

I'm able to get the phone and car to discover each other provided I select Audio on the phone during discovery. I can then get a pair to complete, BUT ...

The contacts do not sync from the phone to the car
The steering wheel controls, or buttons on the headset don't work
The voice dialing that I have setup do not start the phone dialing, and I then get the system locked up. The only way to release it is to switch off bluetooth on the phone
I also find that the phone doesn't automatically connect to the carkit the next time I'm in the car. In fact when I try to establish a connection the phone says Unable to Connect.

I note from BMW's UK website that the HP Palm range is phones is not on their supported list, but on the Palm Pre site it says BMWs are supported.

Does anyone have any idea is there is a workaround / fix to this problem?

My phone is running WebOS v 2.1.0

I appreciate any help and suggestions.