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    just got a pre 2. synced my palm account from my pre - and everything went across except my contacts.
    does anyone know how to retrieve them?
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    We would need more info to help. Where were they before you got a Pre2? On another phone? What sort of phone? Who is your carrier, etc...
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    it was on a pre-, running webos 2.1
    carrier was O2 UK
    backed it all up before on the computer and got them back that way. But I shouldn't have had to. I thought that was the point of synergy??
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    It should have transferred. This is what is supposed to happen. You log in your Palm Profile and then enter passwords for all your email, google, aol accounts. Items under these accounts (email, calendars, contacts, instant messenger, etc) all sync.

    The only thing I could think of is, maybe, they were linked under a particular gmail/google account and you did not log in (enter/save your password) to sync the contacts under that. Or you logged in to that account but chose not to sync contacts. (You can choose what to sync) Or you removed the account from the contacts app where they were sync'ed under.

    I hope I am not super confusing.

    I deleted the gmail account in the contacts app one time, not knowing half of my contacts were even under the gmail account (i thought it was under just the Palm Profile). As soon as I added it back, those contacts were back.

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