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    HP has started a Veer Peer program. Stealing the name from "Cantaffordit" I propose with his help, the Pre 2 Buckaroo program.

    Those who have Pre 2's lets get the word out...
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    Been trying to, my friend I've turned some heads but I doubt any have been sold at my behest
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    I have turned some heads with my Pre 2, but that inevitable first question once they find out what kind of phone it is..."How many apps does it have?"...seems to turn everyone off. I'm not an app guy and I try to tell people it's not a big deal, but to the average Joe, apps on a phone is like mpg in a car. They're all still impressed when I show multitasking and really like the swiping away of cards, but at least with the people I've talked to, they never really seem to get past the app # issue. It's frustrating b/c apps were never an issue with me and I don't really think it is for most people once they get a smartphone, but for first time users, all they hear is about how many apps Android and iOS have, so they assume it must be a good/important measuring stick.

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