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    So i think i found something interesting. Perhaps this is known.

    I normally stream a Miami radio station via Flash on my Pre2. The normal Flash functionality would pause flash player when ever the card is minimized or if the screen times out. So my work around has been to use nodoze.

    I just recently had a few cards open and then started streaming my radio station again. I then used the advanced gesture to switch to a different existing card expecting the stream to stop. It did not stop. It kept playing. It also kept playing when i turned off the screen. (BUG or FEATURE?)

    I like it because I can now multitask with currently opened cards while streaming a flash radio station.
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    I'm not sure if its a bug or feature but I wish there were preferences to allow media playback when switching cards.
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    I want to try this, but Nodoze won't install on my Pre 2.

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