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    This headset technology is *very* old. The original version was developed in 1907 for telephone switchboards. It does not appear to have been designed with the use cases in mind that we have today. As a result, I have not had a single device with a headset jack, that did not eventually fail. It did on my Pre-. It did on all my phone's prior. It did on my walkman (back in the day). I'm quite certin that it will on my Pre2 and my Pre3. The veer has the advantage that of that part breaks, you can just replace the dongle w/o having to replace the entire phone.

    On the Pre's, one way to avoid this problem is to never use the headset jack. Bluetooth stereo headphones are pretty cheap, and completely avoid the mechanical problems associated with this very old technology. Of course they also introduce a different set of problems. So pick your poison.
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    Just adding my voice to this thread. I had this happen to my Pre 2 recently. I rebooted and that fixed it, but I suspect over time the problem will get worse and I'll have to resort to other methods to fix it. This was a problem on my Treo 755 too.
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    I don't have this problem but I have another question. Wasn't there a heaset icon on the top bar of the phone?
    Did I dream about it?
    I don't have it since 2.2.4 I think.
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    I don't believe the headset has been fixed. I still experience the same problems as with my pre and the same thing fixes it nearly every time. Also if you look at the old headset next to the "new" headset there isn't a difference in the hardware. I worked at Sprint when we where fixing a lot of Pre's with this problem. Sprint kept saying it was fixed but we never got new parts to fix the issue. Typically putting the headset back in the jack and then pulling it out while playing something fixes the problems. I've never had the problem fixing the it, so I haven't dove into why it happens but it does happen 99% of the time I use my Pre2 at the gym. I just broke down and bought a pair of bluetooth headphones. I don't need no wires hold'n me down!
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