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    My comm board recognised my batteries in my FrankenPre Plus. I powered on the Verizon Pre 2 I received to verify it turns on before I began the conversion. I completed the swap. Everything looks good but now the Pre 2 with my Sprint comm board won't power on with any of my batteries that it was using before. I get a white battery outline with a question mark inside. Any suggestions? I need to run the metadoctor to complete the conversion.

    It is doing this with one seidio battery and three palm batteries. I swapped back in the original comm board and it is still doing the same thing. The batteries work fine in an original Pre.
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    ur scaring me. Im about to create frankenpre
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    I did two FrankenPre Plus conversions without issue. I bought the phone from ebay. I am wondering if it had this issue off and on and so the owner sold it or maybe I messed something up. Either way its not working correctly right now. Don't let this discourage you. I am 2 for three with no issues.
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    well im scared to buy an expensive pre 2 and at the end be left with nothing lol anyway, on ebay they are selling HP PRE 2 unlocked new in box. It comes straight from HP but if im here in the USA, can i buy that new phone even though it comes from the United Kingdom?
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    Well that part is a little frustrating but I knew I was taking a risk. I am not 100% sure but I think their data bands are different. Its either data won't work at all or only 2G will work.
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    oh never mind then lol. I guess i will risk it too though u put fear in me :/ lol
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    Can someone offer a suggestion or opinion? That's four batteries that won't go to recovery mode and then usb mode.
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    should the battery icon that is supposed to show up before getting into usb mode have a white question mark in it?
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    The only thing that I can think of is that the comm board is not properly seated and one or both of its connections is not connected.

    That has happened to me. However I don't recall getting the battery indicator. When that happened to me I got noting on the screen at all.

    Still it might be worth trying to make sure the board is seated correctly.

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    thanks. I am going to try it again.
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    New info:

    The phone does not power up on its own regardless of what comm board is installed. It shows the white battery box with question mark if I connect it to my charger. The black and white wires were not sitting properly in their proper paths. I cant really tell if they are now though they appear to be. I pushed them into their grooves. They were between the board and a piece of plastic creating a gap. Maybe it really is not seated properly Also, if the screen is facing down the smaller comm board connection on the left is always loose each time i reopened the phone. I connect it and feel it snap in. It is in when I lay the board flat. I can not tell if it stays in. No matter how careful I am pulling up the comm board it is loose when I open it up. Could this be the cause?
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    The black & white wires shouldn't impact powerup. They'll certainly impact GPS & WIFI performance, though, as those are the antennas for both.

    Yes, I think it could be the cause. That's the one that didn't connect well for me when I had to reseat my board, too. Of course, after I did that everything was working. I wonder if you've broken something on that connection. Maybe try placing a small piece of paper underneith the connection so that it will apply presssure up towards the comms board?
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    ill try that
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    Curious if you ever got this working.
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