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    I am trying to complete a FrankenPre 2 conversion. I already have the the physical work done. I am entering the scripts for the sprint verizon pre 2. It repeatedly said connection reset by peer. It continued stopping and continuing until finally failing. Now the download will not start anyone know what's up?
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    turns out my isp was having issues.
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    isp what is that? Did u use metadoctor on windows 7 laptop?
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    internet service provider
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    so ur saying the internet can also stop the download?
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    No it means his internet was down or something to that extent. And yes it can because your creating these via files from the WebOS Internals servers.
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    do u know if my wndows 7 laptop can be used to doctor my future frankenpre 2 phone to 2.1?
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    follow the instructions on the wiki page. there is a section that references a windows based installer of ubuntu on the webos 2.1 upgrade section. i used that and everything went smooth. u should read through and familiarize yourself with the process before attempting the transplant. my issue is related to the phone. webosinternals have made it pretty easy to follow along.
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    yea i already have 2.1 on my pre- but i did it with cwyn so im not that familiar with this new program ubuntu. But u think i will be fine doin it on my windows 7 laptop then?
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    ubuntu is a version of linux. let it do the updates if there are any once installed. follow the wiki and use the termminal app and you should be fine. If you are really doubtful there is webosworld services. They can perform the operation for a fee.
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    lol i would feel like a ****** if i get help after ive done all the things on my pre by myself. Cuz on the wiki it says to download ubuntu and then it says linux and then after that MacOS but i should only worry about UBUNTU and just follow the intructions right?

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