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    I have a pre 2 that I got on ebay. On the other phones I have owned (nokia, bbry, android) etc, there have been 'Profiles' - but for ringer volume, screen brightness, etc. is there something like that for the pre? am I just not doing this correctly? for instance, my android, i could set that at 6am - it turns the phone ringer full on, my email tone to 70%, my text message tone to 70%, and my alarm volume to 100%. at 5p it would turn my email tone off (i'd still get messages, I just wouldnt be notified).
    I NEED something like this (not necessarily automatic) but something I could do in one or two swipes. Any Ideas?

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    Welcome to Pre|Central and webOS.

    The homebrew app Mode Switcher should take care of your needs:

    If you haven't already installed it, Preware would be the fastest way to install homebrew:

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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