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    Just talked to power user non-techie biz connection for whom I had recommended the PrePlus and after over a year of frustrations, his going to VZW store numerous times, returning the phone for refurbs etc, I finally wrangled for him a free Pre2 from VZW. Even that did not work because of POP email issues and it took me two separate installs of 2.1 (hours to remake) to get something that worked.

    I asked him today: "how is the phone (pre2)?"

    "Phone is good," he said.

    Phew. Worthy of a thread given a finally good outcome. Bodes much better for HP that the thing just works for power biz user who needs it to "just work".

    of course 2.1 is still not officially on VZW....
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    I'd say the Pre 2 is better than good.

    In my opinion the Pre 2 is Great!!!!

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    LOL webOS evangelist, this ^ guy!
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    I sure didn't count on all the bugs, hardware and software, he experienced on the PrePlus and then that horrible stoppage of product and software upgrades from Palm that happened after his grace period with VZW expired, or I would not have recommended Palm, I would have steered him to Blackberry. By the end, when even the Pre2 did not work right out of the box, I was ready to throw in the towel and tell him to get an iphone on VZW when I found some angels on the forum to help with 2.1...

    Smartfah, his saying simply "the phone is good" after over a year plus of frustrations could be seen as the equivalent of ***great by anyone else.

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