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    I have a Pre Minus on Sprint and I have a UNA~Pre2. I've swapped the com boards.... It works fine... except that texting doesn't work.

    I swapped the board back to the pre-minus and texting works fine.

    I again swapped the boards and I redoctored the Pre2... and still no texting: I text out and people receive random characters... It will send it out to them 3 times. I don't receive any texts that are sent to me. Any ideas? I love it but texting is pretty important.
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    You might want to search the forums. I thought I read something about texting problems early on when people were attempting to make the Pre2 work on Sprint. It sounds like you are experiencing the same issues. Does your Device Info look correct? Does it show 2.1 as your version number?
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    Homeward, did you ever figure this out? I have the exact same issue.

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