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    Hey guys, I just upgraded to a Pre 2 from Rogers. I have a few concerns/questions.

    Is it normal for this phone to drain battery after 3-4 hours? I am thinking not lol.

    I have updated to 2.1 WebOs, I did do a master reset to see if this issue resolved itself. I also deleted 2 email accounts, only have ymail and hotmail. I have only 2 games only the device, only used once and closed out after playing(flicking up right?)

    I am coming from using Blackberry's and faced battery drain battle with my wife's Torch but since I updated it, that resolved its issue. I was wondering was there another update or patch out for this phone, I see you guys use the term doctor, what do you guys mean by that? Is there a way to see what is running on your phone? Is there a task killer like there is for android etc?

    While the battery drains I also noticed the phone getting warm, I removed the back and felt below the battery where the SIM is seated it is rather warm not hot to touch but noticeable.

    I work with phones all day, AT&T tech rep no jokes now lol. I know that warm phones mean something is running and draining the battery but not so sure about the Pre 2 as I've only assisted customers with Pre's and Pixi who basically just have internet issues etc
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    No, the battery drain is not normal. Unfortunately, we don't have a good way to tell what is draining the battery. I was at AT&T the other day looking at phones, and saw one of the Android phones had a built-in app that showed the things using the battery and percentage.

    My pre 2 will last the whole day, with medium use, three email accounts, data and wi-fi on, some texts, calls and etc.

    One of the biggest battery drains is having data on, but being in a weak or non-data area.

    Another thing is that the battery takes a few full-charging cycles to get up to maximum performance. I would give it a few days, but you are right, that if it is warm, something is using it and that doesn't sound right.
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    Try and doctor your phone, it might just be a software glitch. Look for the version you need here: Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    The phone is so much fun to use, you will use it more and hammer the battery without even realizing it. That will improve over time. Web browsing and catalog downloads eat the battery.
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    Day three with the phone today, I will monitor the battery again today. I do have to say I love this phone, the battery is the only quirk I have about the phone but again my wife's torch did the same thing for a while and now it is fine.

    In regards to OS, is this phone going to be like Android and updates available when the carrier approves the updates? With BB you can always load newer versions from other carriers on the handset by removing the vendor file, is that the same idea with webOs or we gotta wait until our carrier releases updates?

    The other thing I noticed but figured out was email, at first I had yahoo, gmail and hotmail on the phone. Hotmail was not loading the email and the other 2 were fine. I removed and re-added the Hotmail and it worked. As I mentioned I only have yahoo and hotmail now.

    Does keeping backup on everyday drain the battery? Is it set for updates at certain times of the day and will it wait for WiFi connection?

    Finally I see the phone has Flash but so far no loading, Adobe states on their site that they are working to get it but my device says it is on there. What gives there? Does HTML5 work on the phone? Tried watching ipad2 video on apple but doesnt play
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    There is a setting in Web Preferences with which you can turn on Flash.
    When updates are released to any carrier it is typically possible to obtain that update for yourself via a process known as 'meta-doctoring'. It is probably a little more difficult than the Blackberry method, but it works consistently and is totally legal.
    However, since you have an up-to-date device hopefully Rogers will release your software updates. Looks like you already got v2.1 okay.
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    The backup runs in the middle of the night at around 1:25 for me, no matter what data connection it is using. Or it will run a backup after you reboot the phone.

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    thanks for the replies I have noticed it warms up when I use data accessing the web, now the battery is at 70%
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    For some people, leaving wifi on but not connected to wifi helps with battery
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    Has the battery life improved?
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    Does Pre 2 need any protection? On Pre - and + I used invisibleshield first for whole body on -, then just front on + as the rear is rubbery and not easily scratched. Mainly worried about screen.
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    The battery actually went down to 20% and I had to turn it off, it was fully charged again at 5pm EST and is already at 61%. I called Rogers tech and they think it is the hardware as the device heating up is what is causing the battery to drain. I am going to the store tmr to exchange for a another one.

    Even with WiFi off, it is like each time I even open the browser and check an update on FB it takes about 3% of the battery, it is not like I have a bunch of updates to check lol
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    You could have a dud battery. Install Dr Battery to check the battery and maybe recalibrate it.
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    yeah that is definitely not normal. just yesterday i took my Verizon Pre2 off the charger about 8am and when I went to bed around midnight it was at 44%. normal usage, decent signal all day. i was seriously impressed by it.

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