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    So, I recently (yesterday) got a Pre 2. I love it! It's everything my old Pre Plus should have been. But, I've had one problem. I miss my old Music Player! I loved the homebrew "Music Player Remix 2.0" app. It was awesome, even had a lyrics option which I adored. But with the Pre 2 you have to pay for it but even when I get to look for in the app catalog it says it's not available for my WebOS version; but I have 2.0.1. So, I don't who makes this app, but I would love it if you could make the old homebrew FREE version for the Pre 2, PLEASE. I'm sure busy, but if you have time it'd be nice. No disrespect. Because this basic music app built in to the Pre 2 isn't really cutting it.

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    @hedami on Twitter....DanPLC here is the developer and who you need to talk to about your situation.
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    There's an issue with the app portal site (where developers upload their apps) that is causing it to specify the "minimum OS version" as "2.1" even though the app is 100% compatible with webOS 2.0.1. I've already forwarded this issue to HP and they're looking into it. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve it soon so webOS 2.0.1 users can access the app in the official catalog.

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    And here's the link to the Music Player (Remix) thread:

    I've also created a thread specifically about this issue:

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    Thanks so much!
    I'll be looking into it

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