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    Here is a short description to replace a QWERTY keypad of a UK-Pre2 with a Pre(+) QWERTZ keypad and NVRAM patching keyboard layout to QWERTZ with MetaDoctor and CHANGE_KEYBOARD_TYPE = y1 .
    So it would have been real easy for HP to release a german QWERTZ Pre2.

    Palm Pre2 Germany - Hardware - Nexave Palmforum
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    hhm that is a great idea but sadly i can't find a new one at SFR or

    and are these SFR models unlocked like the UK?

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    There are actually some interesting auctions on ebay right now for the QWERTY Pre 2, even completely new ones sold in/from Germany ( My observation is that they get away at least 50 euros under the cheapest street price.

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