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    I am using palm pre 2 and moved itunes library to the USB drive and then moved them out. Now in the photos i am getting folders from the music files that contained album artwork. I have removed all the photo folders, re-booted, and they still appear. Where are these hidden and how can i delete them?

    Screenshot attached.

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    Try to plug the phone into the computer using usb mode again. Try deleting the dcmi folder, after copying any wanted files. I believe the only other way to fix it is going to require time consuming process with a loss of data (either a full erase or a webOS doctor).

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    Due note that the photos app will see ALL supported image formats located in the USB drive no matter where those files are located in there. Do a search for the names of these ghost images on your PC, make sure search can search hidden files/folders too. I do believe itunes media sync will put the files in a hidden folder so do make sure that you computer is set to view hidden folders.
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    Thanks. I'll give a try and report back

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