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    The first thing i did when i got my Pre2 was doctor to 2.1 then install preware and a few of the 'advanced' patches. Armed with a nearly new Amzer 1400mAh battery from my pre- i was pleasantly surprised to be getting 12- 15 hours between charges (double my pre-). After a couple of weeks of screen fade-in problems where the screen would be dim and unresponsive, i decided to doctor to see if it would help. It didn't, but I didn't get around straight away to installing any patches and noticed my battery going 24 - 27 hours between charges with the same amount of use (8 hours of that in airplane mode, admittedly). I reinstalled a couple of patches ( advanced system prefs - phone and system) and my battery went back to 12 -15 hours. I have now removed those all patches again and am back to 24 - 27 hours. This is great but i miss the flexibilty of the patches. Anyone else noticed such a difference in battery from patching?
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    In version 1.4.5 there were tales of battery reducing patches - particularly those that modified the launcher top bar with active data. I think I experienced this myself which is one reason I am avoiding patches this time around.

    I keenly miss a number of patches and may cave in at some point but for now I am holding the line and only putting apps on my phone (some of which are homebrew).
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    I have buckled and reinstalled the patches - can't do without them! Wish I could just sort the random GPS issue now..... :-(
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    Well I don't know because I patched my phone almost immediately. I have 17 patches and depending on the usage of the phone the battery has lasted in some cases more than 48 hours.
    If I use a lot of wifi-3G or GPS I need to charge every night.
    So based on my experience I think that patches are not that important in battery life (in 2.1 at least) as other usage factors.
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    which patches does the OP think are taxing the batteryzb
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    The patches I had installed were : Advanced System Prefs - System Prefs, Advanced System Prefs - Phone Prefs, Advanced System Menu's - Mode Menu. After installing those patches battery life was about 8% drop per hour. The drop would be the same per hour if i made a couple of calls or left the phone in my pocket unused.

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