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    I have a brand new verizon Frankenstein Pre running on sprint. I just installed the doctor and everything works fine. I can send texts, receive texts, make calls and receive calls. I can get on the internet, check my email, etc... However, I have NO Sound! When I use the phone for calls I can only hear the caller if I am on speaker phone. That is also the only way they can hear me also (speaker phone). When I play pandora radio I hear no sound. I tried plugging headphones in expecting to hear sound through them.... Nothing. Games display no sound, videos display no sound.... However, when I revive a text I hear the standard "ding dong" sound the Pre makes...

    I tried getting the Pre out of headset mode by plugging headphones in while playing pandora, closing the app, waiting 15 seconds, then unplugging the headphones. Still, this does not solve my problem.

    Here is my question.

    1. Is it even possible to be stuck in headset mode immediately after a doctor?

    2. Has anyone else experienced this?

    3. Any ideas how to fix this?

    Of note, I used the exact same doctor on my wife's Pre2. Everything works 100%.

    Also, I did re-doctor a second time hoping it would solve my problems but the sound issue still remains.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Reading and following the first post on each of these two webpages may help you.

    Read the very last quote on first post in website above (last quote has the red text)
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    I had the exact same problem... Check the battery pull tab to make sure it's not stuck underneath the back part of the case instead of sticking up like it's supposed to.
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    Well, I tried the ghastly ink file the second poster linked to. I used webos quick install to install to my Pre 2. The app is awesome. You can manually force the software to put the Pre in Headset Mode, or Speaker Mode. It worked like a charm except for one thing... It does not save your settings. Therefore, after every phone call you have to open the app and reset back to speaker mode. I kept the card open at all times because of this for quick access.

    Then I read the third posters comment. He said the battery pull tab MAY have gotten stuck under when the Franken Pre 2 was being put back together. Sure enough, I opened up the back and saw just that. I took a flat head screw driver out and slowly un-wedged the battery pull tab out. Once out I popped the battery in and booted up the Franken Pre 2. I opened Pandora Radio and heard music! It worked like a charm! Calls work perfect and it solved the problem completely!

    Thanks to both of you guys for your help. Pre Central is an awesome community!

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