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    I have a coworker with a Droid X, and we both took a pic of my riding suit. We were standing side by side. You can get the pics here:

    Droid: doesn't rotate the pic and looks brighter.

    Pre 2: rotates the pic, and looks sharper.

    We took the pics without flash. The Droid is 8 MP and the Pre 2 is 5 MP. I thought the Droid would be sharper. Any comments, or other comparisons? Maybe my hand was steadier than his, I don't know.
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    droidx should have autofocus, i am not sure if this pic shows that.
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    I was going to ask the same, did your buddy run the autofocus?

    Also, if you want another important comparison, try doing a macro shot.
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    He just took a pic. Wouldn't the autofocus be on?

    That is kind of my point. The quality of the pic is more important than the specs.
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    Interesting comparison. The camera on the Pre 2 does a descent job,compared to the Droid X.
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    Given these were pictures were probably taken hand-held,as opposed to being on a tripod,etc.,there may be some blurring, because of the slower shutter speeds involved.
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    Autofocus on the Droid X is just like on most cameras, you push the button down part way while centered on what you want to be the focus of your shot. Just like with most point and shoot cameras if you click the button quickly it doesn't change its focus.
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    yeah, on droidx, you need to press and hold until the focus is correct.
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    wonder if that's how pre-3 autofocus would work
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