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    I'm looking to upgrade my Pre Plus to the Pre 2. Only problem is that I would lose my free Mobile Hotspot. I have heard that there are apps that do the same thing for free. Is there something for the Pre 2? I'm technically challenged so if you could please dumb-down your response...then dumb it down again. Thanks
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    There's an app on preware called "freeTether" that should accommodate you.

    I have it installed on my pre2 but haven't used it yet, so I can't confirm if it'll work (although I assume it does).
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    I've used freeTether. It works great. It's at about the same level of simplicity to setup & use as Mobile Hotspot.
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    Here you can find instructions on how to install Preware:

    You can also download the Preware Homebrew Documentation app from the app catalog for instructions on how to install Preware.

    Once you have it installed, you just need to search for freeTether in Preware to install it.

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