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    The skinomi is good @ repelling fingerprints. It peels up on the pre because of the curved screen. But works flawlessly on the pre2
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    I got my Pre 2 last week. Sittin down with my bud, I told him about gorilla glass. Layed it on the concrete, moved back and forth a few times with light pressure. Couldn't see a scratch immediately. Upon further examination, there are three hairline scratches that you have to squint and angle and look very closely and you need to know that they're there to see them. No degradation in screen whatsoever.

    That being said, if you feel the need to ask yourself if you need to protect it then go ahead and do it. I like my things naked. Scratches build character, lets me know that it's MY PHONE!!!
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    I've had several Gorilla Glass (and other chemically hardened glass) phones and never used a screen protector, never seen a scratch.
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    I find that most cheapy ebay screen protectors seem to do a better job of repelling fingerprints than the naked glass. When I got my Pre2 I originally decided not to bother with a protector, but decided to do so in the end more for the anti-fingerprint utility rather than thinking that it actually needed protecting.
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    I've had a launch day Pre- and never used a screen protector. Keep it out of your pocket and put it in a holster and you'll have no problems. Unless you have no coordination and drop the thing every 5 minutes...then you need a Batman skin, lol! As for the fingerprints...wipe the screen off on your shirt or pants and they'll be gone in a second and no, it won't scratch the screen.
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    I'm one in the minority that doesn't use screen protectors. I don't mind tiny scratches.

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