I'm not sure what happened but I lost the ability to send SMSs sometime Friday 13th of May midday. My current setup is a Sprint FrankenPre2 (webOS2.1) with PRL#60677, a smattering of patches, including all of Sconix's advanced patches and mode switcher.

Several reboots did not make matters better. What fixed it was the installation of the Emergency Patch Repair and a reboot. Following a re-installation of all patches via preware's saved package list (the Advanced system Prefs -- Phone Prefs failed to install) and a reboot (for good measure) keeps the SMS ability working.

I'm posting this in case someone is banging their head against the wall. I'm sorry I can't provide any ore detailed information, but I'll gladly go look someplace in the phone if there are logs that can be harvested.