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    I got an unlocked Palm Pre 2 a couple of months ago and I'm having problems getting most apps to work homebrew or not. When I download the app the icon will show up but once I tap it it only stays bright for a few seconds and nothing happens. I tried to download patches through preware as well as WebOs Doctor but to no avail in both cases. I've only been able to get a few patches to work and those are the ones that don't have the notice in the description that they don't work for WebOs 2.0.1. I haven't been able to get any themes to work. Most of the patches say that they don't work for WebOs 2.0.1 so I figured that problem would get fixed once I downloaded the new WebOs 2.1 but that did not solve my problems. Please help because I can't play Angry birds and if you've ever played the game then you should know the kind of pain I am in. Thanks
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    Restart your pre 2?
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    Do you mean factory reset? Because I've restarted it plenty of times and that has not had an effect. I am afraid to do a factory reset because it requires that I have access to internet when I am setting up the profile information and my plan does not include a data plan. I should mention that my carrier is Simple Mobile and I only have unlimited talk and text but use wifi as my internet.
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    umm i know if you have preware there is profile bypass tool but im not sure how it works.
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    Ya you'll need to doctor. I had this problem with mine too. I'm not *glad* your having this problem but I did a comboard swap to get it to work on Verizon and I thought thats why mine did it but apparently not. Sorry :-(

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