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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing any difficulty with the slider on their Pre2. It has just developed recently after about 2 mo. Of use. I first noticed some scuffing on the bottom lip of my keyboard and then eventually the entire length up the right side of the keyboard became scuffed. My real issue is that when I attempt to open the keyboard with one hand and place my thumb near the gesture area to slide the screen up, it will only go up about 1/4 inch and stop. I've notice that the screen seems to torque to the right of the keyboard at this point as well. If I use 2 hands or place my thumb in the middle of the screen it slides open without issue. Should I try greasing the slider rails? More of an annoyance than anything. Thanks for your help.

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    Looks like something is in the way of the track or the track is out of alignment. Could fix this easily yourself but will void warranty so you want to do that or have Palm do that and keep the remaining warranty is up to you

    The slider for my Pre2 devices all have been fine.
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    Take off the entire back of the phone (comboard) and see whats up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ursula View Post
    Take off the entire back of the phone (comboard) and see whats up.
    Great advice

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