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    I'm sure there's an incredibly easy solution for this, but it has yet to dawn on me. Whenever I'm on the phone and I get another call, if I switch to take the incoming call and end the current call, I can't get rid of call #1 off my screen. It just stays there with the 2 blue arrows at the bottom of it like it's still on hold, but it's not. How can I make it go away??? There is no option to just close the old call...just "end all calls".
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    I'd like to know too.
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    the obvious guess for me was to swipe the old call away to the right, but that didn't work.
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    As I have read several times this is a limitation of Sprints network/technology (CDMA).

    Frustrates the heck out of me as well!
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    Bell same thing. Can AT&T/rogers people confirm its only on CDMA phones
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    it is only on cdma phones. At&t phones don't have this issue. I can confirm that.
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    ahhh...good to know i'm not just crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    ahhh...good to know i'm not just crazy.
    It doesn't neccessarily confirm that...
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    AT&T and Tmo don't have this problem (GSM networks). As stated above, it's a CDMA limitation and has nothing to do with the phone itself.
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