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    I have had my Palm Pre 2 for a little over a week, maybe two weeks now. Throughout that time, I had MANY MANY luna resets occur on me throughout the day. It got very annoying.

    finally I started noticing that my device restarted most often when the calendar was open. I also realized that the resets occured more often since I had installed the agenda view top bar patch from preware.

    I doctored the device, and have very rarely used the calendar. In fact, the one time I opened the calendar and used it for a while, the device restarted. I used to have 4-5 restarts a day, maybe more. Now I have one every two days... I still have to use my calendar.

    so based on my observations, the calendar is what makes the device reset. So I don't open it much anymore. The phone is fine. I just hope an update will fix this because I will have to use my calendar a lot come august. I also no longer install the agenda view on top bar patch.

    anyone else notice this?
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    No restart issues with the calendar here. Unlocked Pre2 on 2.1.
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    I am on 2.0.1 That may be it.
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    I'm also on 2.0.1 and have not noticed any problems with the calendar, but I also don't have any calendar related patches (only a couple for messaging). but since I have had a couple of Luna restarts and yesterday a full restart I will start looking for anything consistent!
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    My calendar is the most used app in my phone. On 2.0.1 and never had an issue.

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    Could be the data. Have you tried to see if you can reproduce the issue on an empty calendar database?
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    good idea HardBeatZ. I am going to try that. I need the calendar often so that may be it, and if it is, then maybe I should remove the repeated events. I don't use them anymore anyway I just haven't deleted them out of pure laziness. :P

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